Happy Independence Day!!!



Mountain Drive on Christmas Day

I recently moved across the Rockies to work a new job so I drove home two days before Christmas to spend the holiday with my family.  It was nice since I hadn’t been home in 3 months.  On the way home it was snowing and foggy most of the 5 hour trip.   I wasn’t sure what Vail Pass/Loveland Pass had in store for me since it was already storming in the lower altitudes. The last time I tried driving over these passes in winter I did a 180 on the top which was not pleasant.   This was the first time I drove my new Jeep in this kind of weather on this highway.   It was also the first time I wasn’t a nervous Nellie as usual.   This Jeep handled beautifully the entire time as it has both drive and standard paddles.  Going up and downhill was a breeze even on packed snow and ice because I could downshift when it was needed.   It also has the Quadra-Trac Active On Demand 4WD.   This full-time 4WD system operates smoothly, with no driver interaction required.  Under normal driving conditions, torque is distributed evenly to all wheels.  If wheel slippage occurs, the integrated traction control system helps transfer torque to those wheels with traction.   Hope this helps others out there as to what to do in this kind of situation.  Remember, don’t brake if necessary!

Quadra-Trac is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC


Dan Littlefield’s General Lee

Dan Littlefield who is owner and operator of Dan’s Motor Works built his General Lee and did most of the work himself.   It only took him 10 years for his finished product.  He allowed me to take these pictures and asked him a little bit about the car.  The engine has a 360.   I was also told he only drives it on Saturdays if its nice and keeps it nicely covered most of the time.   I checked out the dash just to see what Bo and Luke were looking at every time they sat in the General Lee on the set of ” The Dukes of Hazzard”.  The Western Slope Watchdog- Dan’s Motor Works is located 2699 Unaweep Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81503. (970) 243-0693 or (970) 260-6933. Dan Littlefield of Dan’s Moto Works will detail your ATV, motorbike, snowmobile or personal watercraft after he’s done with the repairs “to make the customer feel good.”
A former dirt bike racer, Littlefield is a trained graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and gained 20 years of experience working in other shops before starting his own repair shop in August, 2011. “I thought I could do something more reasonable. It’s just been crazy busy,” he said. “I had to bring my dad in. He believed in me when nobody else did.”
Dan’s father Mike Littlefield is also a highly qualified small-engine mechanic, and his wife Guin Deadman-Littlefield keeps the books and manages the office. When you add mascot George, a Labrador/Greyhound/Heinz 57 crossbreed, to the mix, Dan’s Moto Works is definitely a family affair.
“I want to grow but I don’t want to get too big,” Dan said. “I like to have the feel of a mom-and-pop shop here, where people can go and discuss their problems.”
Besides mechanical services and repairs, Dan’s Moto Work will also restore your classic motorcycle or snowmobile.



Happy Memorial Day From High Octane Alley

Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and remember who gave all for our freedoms.  


Zack Synder Reveals New BATMOBILE

Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Man of Steel sequel tentatively called “Batman vs. Superman” tweeted out the Batmobile picture reveal today as promised – and included a major extra. Yes, that’s Batman, presumably with Ben Affleck under the cowl.

The new look features shorter ears than in previous cinematic looks, and while Snyder is quick to point out he shot the picture in black and white using the “Leica M Monochrom” in his tweet, it does look like we’ll have a (larger than usual) grey bat on the black suit. The Batmobile itself, meanwhile, bears resemblance to a number of previous incarnations, including the Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely design that can both drive and fly used in the comic book Batman and Robin. The still officially untitled sequel to Man of Steel hits theaters May 6, 2016.


2014 Moab Easter Safari Jeep Rally


                           Thanks to everyone for an awesome Easter Jeep Safari!

Cliffhanger TrailCliff Hanger Trail, Moab Utah

Please consider joining us for the Labor Day event. Check back for more details in May.

Jeep Safari 2014

The BLM has approved the permit for Jeep Safari 2014 and beyond. The permit was approved for a 10-year period and also allowed the club to add some new trails and trail segments to the permit. With the permit now approved and in force, the club is moving forward with plans to introduce some exciting new trails.

But as a teaser, there will be a total of 8 new trails or trail segments added to the 2014 schedule. They are “The Pickle“(7), “Cameo Cliffs“(3), “Day Canyon Point“(4), “Deadman Point“(3), “Rusty Nail“(7),”Where Eagles Dare“(7), “Jax Trax“(5), and a special addition to Hell’s Revenge “The Escalator“(8). All of these trails are now available for review on the trails page.

Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari was started in 1967 by the Moab Chamber of Commerce. The very 1st trail was “Behind the Rocks Trail” (according to what has been told to the club President, the road was made or improved with a BLM employee and equipment.) The “Moab Rim” was then added the next year. In those days, individual ice cream packages were dropped by airplane to the trails at lunch. All the leaders were Chamber members, there was no charge or entry fee, and only a Saturday trail. To register you showed up Saturday morning and signed up for the trail you wanted. The Safari was run this way through 1982 at which point the BLM required a permit and insurance. The Chamber was no longer able to run the safari and approached the club to run this event.

The Jeep Safari itself, and participation in the event has grown since the club officially formed in the early 80s. Once the event was coordinated by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, the registration moved from the Chamber building north of town, to Lion’s Park, and on to what was called “the Barn” which is where McStiff’s is currently located near Center and Main. Over the years the increase in participation grew to expand the trail riding to more days until it finally reached a nine day event. “Big Saturday” still remains the culmination of the event on the Saturday of Easter weekend. With the increase in numbers, the registration was moved to the Spanish Trail Arena where it is located today several miles south of the city of Moab on highway 191. This also became the location for the gigantic raffle, Boy Scout BBQ dinner, and the major vendor exposition.

Red Rock 4-Wheelers: A few years prior to 1983 the club had been formed as a small local organization by George Schultz. Most of the meetings were held in members homes. In the early months of 1983 after agreeing to take over the Easter Jeep Safari members (Leaders) were being recruited to run the Safari. And that transformed the club to what it is today. We have gone through many changes and added many new members, but we haven’t forgotten that the club was formed as a family club to have fun and promote responsible 4-wheeling. So now, instead of just Jeep Safari, we have the Labor Day Camp Out, trails of the month, we cleanup and mark the trails, and participate in other club outings. We also work to keep the roads that we have open.


Benefits Of Installing A Cool Air Intake On Your Vehicle

I recently installed a K&N 77 Series cool air intake on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The minute I pulled it out of the garage and took the Jeep for a test run, it was like a whole different beast.  It had increased horsepower  and you can sure hear me coming.  I was thinking of also adding on a new dual exhaust to make it sound even better but Im telling you, I didn’t do it as the Jeep sounds good enough.  Im not a spokesperson for K & N or any other cool air intake company, but if you want more horsepower and great sound coming from under the hood, this is the way to go.   

cold air intake system is one way to increase engine performance.  An engine operates by taking in air (oxygen), mixing it with fuel and burning the resulting mixture to produce power. Why is this important? If you increase the amount of air flowing into an engine, you can increase the power output by adding additional fuel. Adding fuel is easy, but increasing airflow into an engine is more difficult. This is where a cold air intake system comes into play.

A cold air intake system increases airflow by dropping the air coming into an engine to a lower temperature. Why is this important? As air gets colder, it gets denser. This means you get more oxygen within a smaller volume. More oxygen means more power. Increasing oxygen levels by this method can be found mostly in the racing industry. Many racers will dump ice on their intake manifolds and intercoolers to get a temporary increase in horsepower.  Another aspect of a cold air intake system is reduced air flow resistance. All of the pipes in this system have been polished and tuned to reduce air flow resistance. This reduces unwanted turbulence within the pipes which would otherwise reduce airflow into the engine.

There are many ways to increase airflow into an engine. Turbochargers, superchargers, and cold air intakes all qualify in this category.  Cold air intakes are the cheapest and easiest of the three to install. Cold air intakes also do not cause a major increase in fuel consumption. It is a cheap alternative when you don’t have the time or money to invest in the engine modifications needed for the other systems.

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