Benefits Of Installing A Cool Air Intake On Your Vehicle

I recently installed a K&N 77 Series cool air intake on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The minute I pulled it out of the garage and took the Jeep for a test run, it was like a whole different beast.  It had increased horsepower  and you can sure hear me coming.  I was thinking of also adding on a new dual exhaust to make it sound even better but Im telling you, I didn’t do it as the Jeep sounds good enough.  Im not a spokesperson for K & N or any other cool air intake company, but if you want more horsepower and great sound coming from under the hood, this is the way to go.   

cold air intake system is one way to increase engine performance.  An engine operates by taking in air (oxygen), mixing it with fuel and burning the resulting mixture to produce power. Why is this important? If you increase the amount of air flowing into an engine, you can increase the power output by adding additional fuel. Adding fuel is easy, but increasing airflow into an engine is more difficult. This is where a cold air intake system comes into play.

A cold air intake system increases airflow by dropping the air coming into an engine to a lower temperature. Why is this important? As air gets colder, it gets denser. This means you get more oxygen within a smaller volume. More oxygen means more power. Increasing oxygen levels by this method can be found mostly in the racing industry. Many racers will dump ice on their intake manifolds and intercoolers to get a temporary increase in horsepower.  Another aspect of a cold air intake system is reduced air flow resistance. All of the pipes in this system have been polished and tuned to reduce air flow resistance. This reduces unwanted turbulence within the pipes which would otherwise reduce airflow into the engine.

There are many ways to increase airflow into an engine. Turbochargers, superchargers, and cold air intakes all qualify in this category.  Cold air intakes are the cheapest and easiest of the three to install. Cold air intakes also do not cause a major increase in fuel consumption. It is a cheap alternative when you don’t have the time or money to invest in the engine modifications needed for the other systems.


Pilot Takes Selfie During Missile Launch

It’s a selfie to beat all selfies — even Ellen’s.

A F16 fighter pilot took a selfie during a live missile launch and the image is burning up social media. The photo made public by the Royal Danish Air Force shows the pilot in the cockpit, capturing the fiery streak of the missile in the sky, right over his shoulder.

According to The Aviationist website, this is the ultimate selfie, because firing activities involving the launch of air-to-air missiles are somewhat rare.


Chrome Wheels A new Hot Product Inside Aftermarket Custom Wheels

It seems like a lot of places you go to seem both in the actual and virtual world are not appearing that excited encourage either. Unless you know exactly what you looking for brand and all sometimes you’re feeling like your hardly even the consumer.

When buying the actual chrome wheels, take your time to evaluate the different styles available after which select the one that meets your requirements. Do keep in mind the kind of your vehicle and its create before selecting a design and style. Repeating the design components and the theme from your car itself will add to the visual stability of the car. You can think about catalogs, magazines and also the websites for concepts and inspiration.

When cars were initial available on the market, aftermarket custom wheels were made of steel. They were really heavy and negatively affected the way your automobile would handle. Close to 1950 aftermchrowh331s, auto manufacturers started out screening different alloys to boost efficiency. Over the years, this process has produced the custom wheel after market a multi billion dollar business. Today, you can find hundreds of styles and colors regarding chrome wheels available using a brighter material that not just looks good, they allow for better coping with of your car and may improve your gas mileage.

Acquire the best at chrome wheels for sale in vehicle industry, you must not forget that the Internet is a fabulous medium to locate the best retailer accessible the market. Whenever you visit a auto parts store shop and ask for any a recognized wheel brand name, the shop keeper might provide you with a long list of options in numerous labels. Choosing the best model of chrome wheels in industry is among the most challenging work at present since a lot of brands can be found in market along with several distinctive lower price offers. A few additionally offer you discount vouchers as a way to captivate customers in the current market. Should you go for chrome wheels for sale you can accomplish your ambitions.

The advantages offered by chrome wheels are numerous. These wheels are covered by a substance referred to as chromium. Chromium is resistant to corrode. Thus, if your wheels tend to be coated with this aspect, it will not get responded with the moisture within the atmosphere. One of the main explanations why wheels get unusable is because they come in contact with water and get rusted. To avoid this, you ought to coat your wheels using anti-rusting agent like chromium. This element is also resistance against corrosive. Thus, 24 inch chrome wheels are ish corrosive and thus have a longer life span.

You will notice that Aftermarket custom wheels are available in varying rates. The cost of a single edge can start at $65 and may go up to as high as $2,Thousand. In addition, special auto tires are required to finish the style provided by the custom wheels. The tires that go using these chrome wheels can range between $65 along with $250, each. Fortunately for the custom wheel market today companies developed light weight aluminum alloy wheels that provide the durability needed and come in various finish options even though reducing wheel weight. 

Cool wheel finishes include chrome and polished aluminum, additionally painted aluminum metal come in hyper-silver, silver, bright, black, gray and Anthracite. While many of us choose aftermarket custom wheels because of their good looks, there are many critical performance benefits resulting from reducing a wheels fat compared to factory steel wheels.

56th Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the 2014 Daytona 500

It too Over 6 hours longer but Dale Earnhardt Jr isn’t complaining as its his first Daytona 500 victory since 2004.
With cars colliding behind him, Dale Jr. led Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski back to the start/finish line for the victory.

2014 Daytona 500

• Full finishing order from Daytona • Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins Twitter … • … and takes first selfie • 2nd place bittersweet for Denny Hamlin • Danica Patrick crashes out
“[Earnhardt] earned this in every sense of the word,” Keselowski said after the race.

The fourth wreck of the day in Lap 194 forced the Great American Race to a late reset. After being hit by pole-sitter Austin Dillon, Ryan Truex Jr. went sideways and collected six cars near middle of the pack to cause the caution.

Weather was an issue for much of the day, with the threat of rain surprising no one after days of weather fears showing up in the forecast. The race was stopped in the 38th lap and didn’t resume for more than six hours. In between, a light rain turned torrential, and fans were urged to evacuate when a tornado warning was declared for the area.

Outside of that, the first 145 laps or so of the 500 were rather uneventful, with a long string of green flag laps being run after the restart. Then wrecks on laps 145, 162 and 183 caused a number of contenders to be sent to the garage. Danica Patrick was wrecked in a hard hit on the first accident, while rookie of the year favorite Kyle Larson was taken out by fellow rookie Austin Dillon on Lap 162. 2011 Daytona 500 champion Trevor Bayne was wrecked on 183.

Engines were an issue for a couple of other drivers: Outside-pole-sitter Truex had engine issues with his backup car on Lap 32 before his day ended in the garage. Clint Bowyer followed later, being ruled out at Lap 140. Tony Stewart, who had engine issues during practice more than a week earlier, went to the garage before returning to the track 27 laps down.


Customization Options for Your Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is the only choice of car connoisseurs looking for the ultimate in luxury, features and performance. If you are looking to purchase a super brand motorcar like this, then you have to locate expert retailers who can give you a complete low down on the different models, their features and performance. Some of the renowned Parsippany NJ dealers are offering new and pre-owned motorcars and a fabulous range of luxury pre-owned automobiles. If you already own a car then you can contact these professional and highly qualified dealers for your car servicing needs and genuine auto part requirements.

Popular Rolls Royce Series

It is boasts of an exotic range of super cars in the world and a renowned It is dealer NJ has a legacy for its qualified and professional dealership services. Their level of customer service is unmatched as is the collection of luxury motorcars they offer in their stock. Some of the most sought after Rolls Royce range of cars include the Ghost series, Phantom Coupe, Drophead Coupe and Phantom EWB series. Each of these super car model series is immersed in the finest chromed metals, the best leather and wood veneers. These super luxury car series are a combination of old-world English style and a modern design to give you the ultimate experience in driving.

Bespoke Rolls Royce Program

No other car brand offers a bespoke program like it. Rolls Royce NJ dealers offer a bespoke program that lets you to take the process of personalization a step further. When it comes to choosing features, the choices are unlimited. You can create your own unique car that best expresses your personality. Professional retailers have taken this program one step ahead. They will arrange your meeting with a highly qualified team to make all your desires a reality. Before, you begin the customization process make sure to take a look at all the possibilities, various products and accessories you can choose.

Choosing a Bespoke Commissioning Program

Like a fine piece of art, commissioning a Rolls Royce can be an exciting journey. When you are planning to customize your brand new Rolls Royce new jersey, know for sure that your dealer will involve you in every step of the commissioning process. You can practically pick and choose unique features right from enhancing upholstery, paintwork and veneers to configuring the entertainment system. However, for those who do not wish a complete makeover for their cars can make simple but effective changes in the car interiors.


Am I Ready To Restore My Muscle Car Or Classic Car

Am I ready to restore my classic car or muscle car, that is the question that you need to ask yourself before you get in to the project. This is truly not for everybody. If you plan to restore the car yourself then you need to be sure that you have chosen a car that you can restore.

What I mean when I say you need to choose a car that you can restore; the project needs to stay in your skill set as far as the restoration work on the car. If your a body man, don’t buy a car that has horrendous electrical and mechanical problems.

This is where people get buried in the project and just push it aside. This is the main warning that I always give people who are planning to restore a car on their own. Obviously you need to plan ahead for the things that you may need to farm out to a professional shop.

If saving money on the project is your main concern you should look to another hobby. No matter how you do classic cars take a lot of time and money to build.

I’d suggest that if your a person who doesn’t have a lot of time to work on a car restoration that you should make the time, or plan to have a shop do the work for you.

My best advice if this is your first restoration project is to buy a car that is in good condition to start with. You need to get one done to build your confidence level. If you turn one out that looks great your confidence will skyrocket.

Plan to spend some cash buying the car $2,500 muscle cars either don’t exist any more, or they are such huge turds that you should not attempt to build it for a first project. You should come in to the game with about $10,000 to buy your car.

Things to look at when buying your classic car


    • Make sure that the floor boards and trunk floors aren’t rusted out of the car.


    • Make sure that the quarter panels don’t have rust in them.


    • Inspect the car for bad body & paint work.


    • Bubbles in the paint mean rust in most cases.


    • Listen to the engine run.


    • Check the electrical harnesses for burning and redneck repair work.


    • Look for parts missing that may be hard to find.


    • Make sure you know what you plan for the car.


    • Check body panel alignment, badly aligned panels usually mean body repair work which always means a wreck happened.

You need to have your ducks in a row before you begin a classic car restoration. What I’m saying here is that you should plan the restoration of the car down to the last nut and bolt. Make sure that parts are available for the car that you plan to restore.

Make 100% sure that you have planned the budget to buy that car, and to restore the car. These are two very different things. A properly planned budget means that you get the car done, and for close to what you want to spend on it, but this means planning.

So plan that restoration project and you will have fun building your car. Buy the right car to start with, make sure that you have evaluated you skill level to restore the car, and don’t buy a car that you can’t finish, or plan to farm out what you can’t do.


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