Of Course It’s A HEMI


What was your car?

What year were you born? What muscle car was being manufactured at the time of your birth? One of my favorites is the Plymouth Barracuda Hurst Edition from 1967.

Under the hood of the black and gold car sits a 360 engine that’s been bored and stroked out to 408. It’s producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 horsepower, which is more than enough to get this rig rolling quickly. Beneath the bodywork sits a well-sorted suspension setup thanks to Hotchkis, and a set of rather sharp looking Centerline wheels completes the look. They’re a great chance of pace from a world filled with Torq Thrusts or classic cars fitted with modern oversize rolling gear.

Knowing the 60′s and how the car will feel, the steering itself is stock while most around it has been upgraded. That’s going to give quite a dead feeling on center that extends out a bit while turning until the rack catches up, and then we’d imagine the car turns sharply and flatly.

The 1960 cars seem to be pushed back from the 1970-71 cars but the 60′s are an amazing time for muscle cars too.

So let us know what your favorite car was in the year you were born and get you posted.


1968 Kaiser Military Pickup

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1968 Kaiser Jeep
6000.00 obo
condition: good
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 40000
paint color: green
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: truck




If you want to be surrounded by bald eagles and fist bumping Ronald Reagan’s spirit while you’re driving down the road, or maybe just want to pull your neighbors house 100 yards away from yours, then keep reading, however, if you enjoy going purse shopping with your wife instead of fishing with the buds, I would not recommend this Jeep! It comes with a recently rebuilt GM 454 with 45xxx miles on it, and a Bradley PTO driven winch that’s packing more power than an A bomb. Why camo you ask? So the Commies don’t see you hooking a chain to the all steel front bumper and taking one of their tanks home with you which shouldn’t be any problem with a 1-1/4 ton towing capacity, and with recently reupholstered seats you will be hauling that puppy back in comfort! Don’t worry about getting stuck behind enemy lines either, this things got BRAND NEW Q78-16lt super swampers, so the word “stuck” should never even cross your mind. It also runs better than you do getting chased by a grizzly bear. So if you think you can handle this Jeep, get ahold of me because It won’t be around long, and I would like to see you driving it!
7500 OBO No Trades/ Low ballers. Call Dan at 9seven0-98six-seven8four3



Have you heard about the new Hellcat?   The all-new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, with its supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI engine produces an unprecedented 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft, of torque, making it the most powerful and fastest muscle car ever.


2015 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee

The new 2015 SRT with 470 HP and 6.4 L V8.


Mountain Drive on Christmas Day

I recently moved across the Rockies to work a new job so I drove home two days before Christmas to spend the holiday with my family.  It was nice since I hadn’t been home in 3 months.  On the way home it was snowing and foggy most of the 5 hour trip.   I wasn’t sure what Vail Pass/Loveland Pass had in store for me since it was already storming in the lower altitudes. The last time I tried driving over these passes in winter I did a 180 on the top which was not pleasant.   This was the first time I drove my new Jeep in this kind of weather on this highway.   It was also the first time I wasn’t a nervous Nellie as usual.   This Jeep handled beautifully the entire time as it has both drive and standard paddles.  Going up and downhill was a breeze even on packed snow and ice because I could downshift when it was needed.   It also has the Quadra-Trac Active On Demand 4WD.   This full-time 4WD system operates smoothly, with no driver interaction required.  Under normal driving conditions, torque is distributed evenly to all wheels.  If wheel slippage occurs, the integrated traction control system helps transfer torque to those wheels with traction.   Hope this helps others out there as to what to do in this kind of situation.  Remember, don’t brake if necessary!

Quadra-Trac is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC


Dan Littlefield’s General Lee

Dan Littlefield who is owner and operator of Dan’s Motor Works built his General Lee and did most of the work himself. It only took him 10 years for his finished product. He allowed me to take these pictures and asked him a little bit about the car. The engine has a 360. I was also told he only drives it on Saturdays if its nice and keeps it nicely covered most of the time. I checked out the dash just to see what Bo and Luke were looking at every time they sat in the General Lee on the set of ” The Dukes of Hazzard”. The Western Slope Watchdog- Dan’s Motor Works is located 2699 Unaweep Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81503. (970) 243-0693 or (970) 260-6933. Dan Littlefield of Dan’s Moto Works will detail your ATV, motorbike, snowmobile or personal watercraft after he’s done with the repairs “to make the customer feel good.”
A former dirt bike racer, Littlefield is a trained graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and gained 20 years of experience working in other shops before starting his own repair shop in August, 2011. “I thought I could do something more reasonable. It’s just been crazy busy,” he said. “I had to bring my dad in. He believed in me when nobody else did.”
Dan’s father Mike Littlefield is also a highly qualified small-engine mechanic, and his wife Guin Deadman-Littlefield keeps the books and manages the office. When you add mascot George, a Labrador/Greyhound/Heinz 57 crossbreed, to the mix, Dan’s Moto Works is definitely a family affair.
“I want to grow but I don’t want to get too big,” Dan said. “I like to have the feel of a mom-and-pop shop here, where people can go and discuss their problems.”
Besides mechanical services and repairs, Dan’s Moto Work will also restore your classic motorcycle or snowmobile.


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